SVKP Spiritual Centre



Method 1: For Resident Indians

  1. A representative of a group of adults and children ages eight and above, has to contact the chief executive Smt. V.VVedashree Chalam (Ph.No.094487 92939 e mail

  2. On a mutually agreed date time, 90 minute, free workshop is conducted by Nagamangala Sisters/ Core Group members. During the workshop, participants are taught to chant with meanings following the principles of Pranayama. Two participants are given special training for conducting follow-up classes. These two are referred as "Workshop Trainers". To facilitate easy learning, books in Kannada, Tamil, English and Telugu languages and CD's are available during workshops or from Nagamangala sisters / Core Group members.

  3. Participants need to attend a minimum of eight training classes conducted by workshop trainers.

  4. Workshop trainers who intend to involve in this service can become Core Group Members (CGM) after certification and can conduct workshops and work for spreading this program.

  5. Participants who have practiced will be given a chance to perform in Akhanda Mahamantram which is an annual event at one of the Vasavi temples;here groups from different regions are given an opportunity to chant/sing for period of 30 minutes. After their period of chanting, the participants are given feed back about their performance.

  6. After listening to the group chanting through phone / skype badges are issued to eligible members based on their performance. Samagra Saamoohika Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari mahamantra japayagna is being conducted in an auditorium annually where hundreds of eager members (possessing badges) merge into one powerful voice and spread divine vibrations in a silent atmosphere lead by Nagamangala sisters. Observers , with passes, are allowed by the basis of "first come, first serve."

Method 2 : For NRIs

For Training, follow the instructions below::

  1. Vasavi Maha Mantram
    1. Download the Training Audio CD at this link

    3. Download the Book in any of the following languages
    4. KANNADA at this link :

      TELAGU at this link:

      TAMIL at this link :

      ENGLISH at this link:

    5. Download Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Maha Mantram audio CD at this link

  2. Devi Pooja Vidhihi
  3. Vasavi Gana Siri
    For Training in Vasavi Gana Siri, Follow the instructions below:

    1. Download the Training Audio CD – Telugu, at this link
    2. Download Vasavi Gana Siri Book in any of the following languages :
  4. Vasavi Moola Mantra Sampoorna Yajna Deepika

  5. For training, follow the instructions below:
    Download Vasavi Moola Mantra Sampoorna Yajna Deepika, Book in any of the following languages :
    Raksha Kavacham Training Audio CD -
  6. With the help of the books, CDs and Training CD one can learn and perform Vasavi Moola Mantra Sampoorna Yajnam

  7. Navarathrasthutisindhu

    • Sankashtanashaka Ganesha Stotram_Tr CD Telugu

      Sankashtanashaka Ganesha Stotram_Tr CD_Kannada

      1a Jagaddhatri Stotram Tr CD Tel

      1a Jagaddhatri Stotram Tr CD Kan

      1b Jagaddhatri Trg CD Kannada

      1b Jagaddhatri Trg CD Telugu

      2a For Training in Shri Kanakadhara Sthotram follow the instructions below:
      Download the Training Audio CD
      Telugu at the following link

      2b Narayani Trg CD

      3a Tripura Sundari AshtakamTrg CD

      3b Rajarajeshwari

      4a Meenakshi Pancharathnam

      5a Sri Lalitha Panchakam

      6a Ashtadasha Peeta Devatha Stothram

      7a Sri Saraswati Sthothram

      8a Sri Devi Sthothram

      9a Sri Bhagavathi Sthothram

      10a Arya Shathakam

    Down load Navarathrasthutisindhu Books in any of the following languages :

  8. Srimaddevapoojavidihihi