SVKP Spiritual Centre

Nagamangala Sisters

"Kannada Kousthubha" and "Mantra Visharade" titled Nagamangala Sisters, Smt Gayatri Gupta and Lalitha Gupta, have been conducting many devotional programs for the past thirteen years. With the encouragement from their parents, the sisters developed early passion for music, literature, and cultural activities and they continued to practice even after their marriage. Smt. Gayatri Gupta dedicated devotional songs for her mother, Padmavathamma, by incorporating lyrics such as "Padmamukhi", "Padmasundari", etc.

Knowing that there are also many health benefits in doing poojas daily, they released book about Nithya Pooja Vidhana and CDs. Also, they trained several thousand members throughout Karnataka on how to perform these poojas.

Nithya Pooja Vidhana has been broadcasted through TV channels such as Udhaya and Kaveri and was also published in daily newspapers such as Vijaya Times, Times of India, Hindu and weekly magazine Karma Veera. Nagamangala Sisters collected, authored, and composed music for Vasavi Maha Mantram, Vasavi suprabhatham, and devotional songs on Vasavi. To facilitate group chanting / singing, they released Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Maha Mantram (Sanskrit lyrics), Vasavi Gana Siri (Sanskrit and Telugu lyrics), and Vasavi Ganamruta, (Kannada and Telugu lyrics), Vasavi Moola Mantra Sampoorna Yajna Deepika ( Method of conducting Vasavi Moola Mantra Dravya Yajna by ladys), Devi Pooja Vidhihi (conducting vratham of any Diety) in CDs, Training CDs, and books in kannada, tamil, and telugu.

They, along with core group members, have been conducting workshops to teach the meaning and train mass chanting / singing for several thousand members in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.